Your moment, Your design, Our quality. Let's get creative and immortalise that
special moment.
Design me
Your story, Your design, Our quality. Let's get creative and immortalise
that special moment.
Design mich
Your memories, Your design, Our quality. Let's get creative and immortalise that
special moment.
Design me

Inspiration for your personalised design

Create your own personalised poster and give away moments of happiness by telling your story with personalised card posters. A unique piece designed by you for your home.

55.00 USD
55.00 USD
55.00 USD
55.00 USD
Tell your story and design

your own personalised map 

Who we are

and why.

“The best spaces also have something to say about the people who live in them.”David Hicks

Personalised maps posters that tell your stories about travel, love and memories. We place a high value on the quality and accuracy of our personalised posters, which is why all of our posters are produced by a Swiss print shop near Berlin

Give something of your own this year

With Mapeo you are the artist who tells his story

All places in the world

You can immortalise unforgettable moments associated with any place in the world!

Paris, New York or Berlin?
Create a personalised portfolio of your favourite city!

Customisable design

Customise the location, personalised text and style to suit your taste. Choose the format you want to immortalise that special moment.

It’s your memories and your personalised portfolio poster.

Swiss quality

Your memories deserve the best quality!

We use high quality paper and print with inks that stand the test of time.

Quality with attention to detail


Slide No matter where. Whether it's Vienna, Bern, Berlin, Ibiza, it's the story you remember that matters. Design your map Keep that special moment on your wall Slide Is there a place in the world that makes your heart beat faster? Capture those memories on your own personalised map! Erstelle deine Mapeo-Mappe Where did you meet the love of your life? Capture the place on a map Slide Whether Barcelona, Paris, Venice, Cali, Zurich or Buxtehude. Immortalise your favourite place now and create your own personalised map. Poster designen Immortalise your favourite place Slide Now create a unique map design that gives your living room that extra touch.
Design Poster
You want to give your living room that little bit of something special?

How does mapeo work?


Choose your favourite city
First you need to go to our folder configurator where you can design your own folder. Simply enter a location of your choice and you can design your personal folder poster.
Customise your map with styles and text

Start telling your story and personalise your map poster.

Let your creativity run wild!

Enjoy your poster
Add your customised folder to the shopping cart and complete your order. We accept all major payment methods and ship your poster worldwide within 4 working days!

The Mapeo Magazine

Get inspired and become a designer

Wie dekoriert man eine Wand? 4 Ideen für originelle Dekorationen für jedes Interieur

Hygge Style, Loft oder eklektisch? Lass Dich inspierieren und geschtalte deine individuelle Wanddeko mit unseren Karten Poster-Ideen

Unique design
Immortalise your favourite place