Venice hides many secrets and interesting facts from different walks of life. Today I have prepared for you 10 interesting facts related to transport, art, history, travel and daily life.

1) Residents – anyone living in the historic part of Venice is required to have their own sewage treatment plant, as well as a means of transport to get around the numerous water channels.

2) Coffee – Venice is said to have been the first European city where coffee made its entrance. Although there is much ambiguity on this matter, as coffee is thought to have been consumed since the Turks abandoned their supplies during the siege of Vienna, it is certainly undisputed that the oldest coffee house in Italy is still in operation in Venice – Caffe Florian – opened in 1720.

3) Marco Polo – the traveller and merchant who discovered the sea route to China (13th-14th century) came from Venice

4) Casanova – a term often used for men who are (or at least would like to be) pick-up artists. It was in Venice that Giacomo Casanova made his amorous conquests.

5) Venice Film Festival – It is considered the oldest film festival in the world! It was founded in 1932 by Count Giuseppe Volpi di Misurata.

6) Masks – Masks are an essential part of the Venetian carnival. Their history dates back to the thirteenth century. Interestingly, they were made for doctors to protect them when they came into contact with sick patients.

7) Gondolas – a means of transport used only in Venice. In the beginning, they were mainly used to transport goods, today they are one of the biggest tourist attractions.

8) Gondoliers – a little more than 400 of them hang around Venice. In the past, it was a profession passed down from father to son. To get a licence, you have to pass an exam, similar to the one for a driving licence. Apparently, the first woman recently got the licence, and the only foreigner is a Pole.

9) The winged lion – a symbol of Venice and St. Mark, who is the city’s patron saint. In the 9th century, the relics of St. Mark were brought to Venice, whereupon a basilica was built on the site of their tomb.

10) Tourists – despite being one of the most expensive cities in Europe, almost 20 million people come here every year!

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