Every house needs a little cosiness – even the very modern one. With the right accessories, you can create a very pleasant and relaxed atmosphere in the interior. Do you want to enrich the interior of your home so that every moment spent at home is a pleasure for you? We present 4 ways to decorate the walls in an impressive way.

The basic principle of the arrangement of the individual rooms is consistency. All elements of the interior design should harmonise with each other. Following this path, the style of the entire interior should be taken into account when choosing wall decorations.

How do you decorate the wall in a Hygge interior? Set on a dreamcatcher

The Scandinavian concept of hygge – or cosiness – has been a hit in many homes for several years. The popular idea emphasises the need to celebrate moments spent with loved ones and enhance the space to make it as fun as possible for the family. The ways to achieve this inner happiness sometimes vary – the most common are soft fabrics and the atmospheric light and smell of candles. However, the interior in hygge style should mostly be cosy. What should be hung on the wall of a room in a hygge arrangement?

Hygge Innenraum Design

In warm rooms decorated in this style, decorations inspired by nature will prove to be a good choice. For example, Worth mentioning is Dreamcatcher, or dream catcher, made of ecru cotton cord and crocheted napkin stretched on a metal rim.

A single poster or a whole gallery – how to decorate a wall in an American interior

Have you decorated your flat in New York style? Certainly, the interior design is eclectic. American style is a blend of exquisite elements from 18th century England, combined with the metallic cool of accessories that enhance the modern luxury of the space. An additional, or even the most important, feature of our maps is the ability to personalise the poster as you wish – simply choose your favourite city and create a personalised wall decoration with your unique memories.

If you’re wondering what to decorate your walls with, take a look at the card posters from our range. One of the interesting inspirations that will liven up the arrangement is the use of different motifs – in the colour version, but also in black and white, which goes well with elements in silver. We certainly don’t have to tell you the places you associate with special moments – but if you’re creating a card gallery, it’s worth getting to know the different styles available in our card maker.

Original mirrors – how to design a wall in an exotic decoration

Do you dream of long journeys and exciting adventures? Before you make these plans, create a unique interior design in an exotic style. Such expressive interior concepts require original wall decorations.

How can you decorate an empty wall in a room with exotic or oriental elements? A mirror with a characteristic design can be a good idea. For example, choose an interesting arrangement of mirrors. Such a decoration goes perfectly with the interior’s expressive colours and bold patterns.

Original wall decorations – experimenting with industrial style in interiors

Interiors decorated in an industrial atmosphere are characterised by heavy marble or brick walls, the use of colours such as grey, beige and black and raw shapes of accessories and furniture. If you are fascinated by the loft style, you can use industrial inspiration in the form of original wall decorations.